Quote Xpress

The Wholesale Quote Xpress is a FREE service that allows our Wholesale Customers to submit a list of cabinets and accessories to CDG for pricing.
Price books with multipliers, 20/20 Catalogs, and Excel Pricing programs are available for most lines if you would like to price jobs yourself.
If you require a DESIGN in addition to you quote, please visit our Wholesale Design Xpress page.

  1. To ensure a quick turnaround for all of our customers, please follow these guidelines when submitting a quote: (Click Here)
    • Use correct Manufacture Specific nomenclature for all items

    • If you do not know the item code DO NOT GUESS as a VAD30 may be a 30″ Sink Cabinet in one line and a 30″ kneespace in another, simple write a description of what you want if you cannot find the proper code. (30″ vanity with full height doors)

    • Enter the exact number and type of accessories you require, “5 TCM Crown” This step also MUST BE COMPLETED when submitting a drawing for a price, we can not calculate the accessories needed for a job.

    • For accessories such as Crown and Scribe that may have Real Wood and Print versions, please specify the type you would like

    • If you are quoting a Specialty Finish that requires wood skins on exposed ends, be sure to include the skin material you need in your item list

    • Clearly mark Semi-Custom Options with any variables “Increase Depth 15″<

    • Double check you have included the proper accessories you need to complete the job such as fillers, toe kick, scribe, crown, paneling, corner molding, etc.

All quotes properly submitted will be turned around in 48 hours or less, if you’re in a hurry mark RUSH on the quote and we will move it to the top of the pile. Please note if you mark RUSH on all your quotes, they will be moved to the bottom of the pile 😉