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Homeowner FAQ

  1. Do you sell directly to the public?

    No. Cabinet Distributors of Georgia focuses on providing our quality products and services directly to the trade at wholesale pricing. This in turn allows our Remodeler, Builder, Dealer, and Designer customers to provide you the BEST possible pricing and service for your specific needs.

    If you are interested in our products such as Wellborn, Quality, or Kraftmaid please fill out the form below and we will give your information to one of our preferred Contractors or Designers in your area.

  2. Are your prices cheaper than Home Depot or Lowes?

    We get asked this question ALL the time! And to make a long story short…nothing we sell is “cheap” :). However, our products purchased through one of our preferred Contractors or Designers are without a doubt the best VALUE for your money!

    Our wide product lineup ensures that we have high quality, superior products to fit EVERY budget! Not only are our products a better VALUE, but the VALUE our Authorized Remodelers and Designers add to your project in skill and expertise is substantial.

    Your kitchen design, Installation, and Cabinetry is a big INVESTMENT!. When you invest your money in the stock market do you just buy the “cheapest” stock because you think it is the best investment, or do you buy the stock that represents the best overall “VALUE” of price, company performance, and long term growth potential?

    Think about investing in your cabinetry experience the same way. Do you just go out and invest your money for the kitchen of your dreams with the first person you see wearing an apron because they say they are… “cheap”? Or do you invest your money where you get the most return on your investment with a company that can provide you the BEST cabinetry experience and VALUE of superior products purchased from true professionals who specialize in home remodeling and kitchen design?

    Ready to make a wise investment? Fill out the form below and we will direct you to a true professional to take care of your cabinetry experience.

  3. Are your cabinets GREEN?

    Seems like everything is GREEN these days! I was in the store the other day and a bottle of Chlorine Bleach had a GREEN label on it! Upon further inspection the only thing green about it was that the bottle was made from recycled plastic!

    All that to say that just because something has a GREEN label on it does not necessarily mean it is green. While just about all of the lines we carry have the KCMA ESP certification, some are truly more GREEN than others. Wellborn is probably the most truly GREEN line we carry with Quality Cabinets in a strong second place. I encourage everyone who is interested in purchasing a GREEN cabinet investigate for themselves the steps the manufacturer is taking to protect both the environment and their families from bad IAQ Indoor Air Quality . You can find out if the manufacturer you are interest in has the KCMA ESP certification on the Greencabinetsource.org website under the Certified Companies link, here are some links to a few Wellborn Green Quality Green Kraftmaid Green


    If you are concerned about dangerous chemicals and toxic finishes in your home, just STAY AWAY from imported or Chinese cabinets!! If they paint childrens toys with toxic chemicals who knows what they are finishing their cabinets with! Not only do imports have questionable finishing chemicals on them, the warranty issues they present make buying imported cabinets a lot like playing Russian Roulette! You can read more about imported cabinets on The GREEN Cabinet Guys blog here

    How can you tell if you are looking at an imported cabinet? The first red flag to spot an imported cabinet is if you are being offered an All Wood, Beautiful Door style with a glaze finish, and cushion close drawers for a price that is ridiculously less than all the other quotes you have received… there is a REASON imports are offered at what seems like double the cabinet for half the money!

  4. Budget? I don’t know…What should my Budget be?

    Defining your cabinet budget is CRITICAL to getting the BEST kitchen possible! There are so many different levels of material quality, styles, and options in cabinetry today that a designer can literally make a 10×10 kitchen cost anywhere from 3K to 50K!

    That is why it is SO IMPORTANT to let your designer know what your cabinetry budget TRULY is! If your budget is 15k and you want a 15k kitchen, tell your designer your budget is 15k. If your budget is 15k and you tell your designer it is 10k thinking you will get a better deal you WON’T! You will simply end up with a kitchen that is 5k less spectacular and functional than if you let the designer design a 15k kitchen.

    When shopping for cabinets THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing to consider is the reputation and skill of your Contractor and Designer. Cabinets usually don’t cause Kitchen Nightmares but bad contractors and designers can turn Nightmare on Elm street to Nightmare on YOUR street in a hurry!

    If you are comparing various cabinet lines or companies to remodel your kitchen, let everyone know your budget up front and let them compete on an even playing field. This way the company and designer that presents you the BEST 15k kitchen in all areas of design, material quality, and functional extras wins. You also WIN when shopping in this manner because you know you are getting the MAXIMUM kitchen your budget allows, not just the kitchen designed to be the lowest bid.

    The Low Bid Kitchen

    While the Space shuttle may be built with parts and pieces from the lowest bid, you probably don’t want a “Low Bid” kitchen. What is a “Low Bid” kitchen you ask? A “Low Bid” kitchen is when you go to Cabinet shop A and Cabinet Shop B with your measurements and say “Here are my kitchen measurements, give me your best price” When the designer asks “What is your Cabinetry Budget” you reply and say “I don’t have one, just give me your best price

    Since the designers know you are simply shopping on price, you are going to get a “Cheap” design! The designer will scrimp on product quality, and lay the kitchen out in the LEAST EXPENSIVE manner, not necessarily what looks best or will give you the most function. If you went to an architect and said “Design my house” and the architect said “What is your housing budget?” and you replied “I don’t have one, just design a house for the best price” What type of house do you think you would end up with?

    How to Determine Your Budget

    Just because you have 60K sitting in your Kitchen of your dreams fund does not necessarily mean you should automatically spend 60k on the kitchen of your dreams! Cabinetry is an INVESTMENT and just like any investment you need to consider what type of return on your investment you are looking for.

    If you are remodeling your kitchen with one of the PRIMARY goals being to increase the value of your home when you sell it, you want to make sure you don’t OVERSPEND on the remodel. If your neighbor has a 500k house and spends 30k on a new cabinets and you have a 500k house and spend 60k on your new cabinets, even though your kitchen may make Wolfgang Puck drool and end up on the cover of WOW! Kitchen magazine,there is a good chance you will not get as good a return on your kitchen as your neighbor does when the For Sale signs go in the yards.

    That may be an extreme example but the point is if you don’t plan on staying in your current residence for much longer after your remodel, you probably should not spend MORE than the recommended budget amounts. However if you plan on enjoying your new kitchen for years to come, I WOULD recommend spending more than the recommended amounts so you can get the BEST design, the BEST quality of materials, and the BEST options like all wood dovetail drawers with Cushion Close, roll-out trays, all wood tiered cutlery dividers, Etc.

    There are various sources on the web with budget guidelines for remodeling projects along with the projected return on investment for each. With Kitchen remodels generally at the top of the ROI “Return on Investment” charts, a Smart Kitchen Remodel can pay big dividends, especially these days! I think new cabinets could possibly be one of the BEST investment options out there! Here is a buget calculator from

  5. What are your leadtimes?


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