10 Jun 2008

Wellborn Cabinets on CNBC

Kitchen Remodels, Wellborn Cabinets Comments Off on Wellborn Cabinets on CNBC

Wellborn Cabinets was recently featured on CNBC!

Wellborn Cabinets


Wellborn was recognized on CNBC for their success in a struggling housing market. With more and more homeowners turning to kitchen remodeling to give them the kitchen of their dreams in their current home, it is no surprise that Wellborn is running strong with their heirloom quality construction and the broad range of styles today’s homeowners are looking for when remodeling their kitchen! The video also shows some great behind the scenes shots inside the plant!


Did you know that Wellborn is one of very few cabinet companies that has their own lumber yard and timber mill? Just about every other cabinet manufacturer buys their wood and their doors from outside sources with many manufacturers importing wood and other parts from overseas. Wellborn controls the QUALITY of their product from the TREE until it reaches your home!


When considering the manufacturer of your next kitchen, ask your salesperson where their supplier gets the wood for their cabinets. Would you prefer a manufacturer like Wellborn that has PRIME choice of it’s OWN lumber from it’s OWN trees, or a manufacturer that gets whatever shows up on the boat?